The Anglo-Czech High School provides all students with a thorough mathematics and physics education. The goal is to promote good life habits, consistency, and analytical thinking. Those interested in technical fields are prepared for the more difficult version of the final exams (Maturita) in elective honour courses; students are educated up to the level of the introductory semesters of universities that enables them to continue their studies at prestigious universities at home and abroad.

Students also learn financial mathematics as part of their studies in mathematics, social sciences, study and presentation skills, and information technology. They will be able to independently calculate, compare or verify interest rates, deposits, loans, and mortgages. They will recognise fraud and understand innovative technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Cabri Geometry and Cabri 3D are excellent teaching aids. They are used by the upper school. We train geometric reasoning and spatial imagination.

Mathematics gave birth to information technology and we are now utilizing information technology to develop mathematical competencies.

With WolframAlpha Math Finder, our students always have their calculator and textbook at their fingertips.

Students in all grades participate in math and physics competitions (Pythagorias, Math Kangaroo, MaSo, What Do You Know About Energy, Energy – The Future of Humanity) and teachers discuss their solutions with them afterwards.

Contact persons for the Mathematics and Physics:

  • RNDr. Libuše Pustinová
  • Mgr. Marek Vejsada
  • Mgr. Eva Draslarová
  • Mgr. David Hartman
  • Mgr. Petr Mašek