We care about the physical development and health of our students. In PE classes, we engage in a variety of activities and sports. We go on several different field courses (skiing, cycling, or boating). We strive to develop a positive relationship with sport and try to help everyone discover their favourite sport.

Physical education at CAG takes place in all-year groups.  Teachers look for new and non-traditional activities, innovative forms, and approaches. We rent sports facilities that allow for a variety of exercises in a professional environment. We do not feel like a school but like a leisure activity or training.

We work with coaches of young professional athletes to allow students to have a healthy workout without overuse and counterproductive activities.

The students also display their sporting enthusiasm in an exemplary manner when representing our school in sporting competitions, for which we are thankful.

Students are evaluated based on personal progress, not absolute performance. The evaluation is a reflection of how each one of us is adopting healthy habits.

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Contact persons for health and physical education

  • Mgr. Lukáš Erhart (Assistant Director for Physical Education)
  • Mgr. Zbyněk Šedivý
  • Mgr. Andrea Štětková
  • Mgr. Marek Vejsada