For future thinkers

Apart from the traditional required courses in the social sciences, we open a number of elective courses for students that respond to the individual needs of our students; it also enables us to develop specific interests and ambitions (for example, in the history and social sciences courses or the art history elective). In all subjects, students work with information, including foreign language information. This enables them to develop language skills, as they also encounter vocabulary in specialist subjects that is not common in English language teaching. Finally, this approach helps to broaden their horizons in an international context and to be independent of local (often limited or outdated) information.

Czech is perceived as a means of communication and artistic creation in our country. We learn to use written and spoken written language and other forms of Czech (general Czech, dialect, slang) correctly, in the appropriate context. We focus on the interpretation (understanding and explanation) of the text. We lead students to a love of literature, foster their understanding of written culture, both domestic and foreign, and develop them into readers.

We always connect History to the present and the realities around us. We do not neglect either ancient or modern events. We educate our students to be thinking individuals who can critically engage with media reports, politicians’ speeches, and other texts surrounding them that may refer to twisted or out-of-context historical data. They grow into individuals immune to ideologies and manipulations.

We introduce students to the fundamentals of social sciences such as sociology, psychology, religious studies, economics, law, political science, philosophy, and media studies. We emphasize interdisciplinarity, update the curriculum, and problematize traditional topics in contrast to contemporary social events.

In a special course, we have been developing the Study and Presentation Skills of our students for a long time. Our graduates are able to process and edit large documents and respect typographic and aesthetic rules. They prepare presentations, present confidently and process data in accordance with scientific ethics. During their studies, they produce a fully-fledged professional research paper that is informed, cited, and defended before a panel of experts. The best of these papers regularly place well in competitions such as the SAC – Secondary School Professional Activity, and Amavet. We help students prepare for college life, choose their ideal school, and succeed in the admissions process.

We encourage creativity and independent work. Together with professionals, students study singing, acting, painting, drawing, and other techniques. They acquire basic theoretical knowledge in the arts that serve to inform their appreciation of musical or artistic works and stimulate their aesthetic sensibilities.

Contact persons for the Humanities

  • Mgr. Petr Klier (Assistant to the Director for Humanities)
  • Mgr. Daniel Hoffmann
  • Mgr. Zdeňka Hucková
  • Mgr. Lucie Jílková (maternity leave)
  • Mgr. Květa Měšťanová PhD
  • Mgr. Markéta Kulíková
  • Mgr. Jana Pechová
  • Mg.A. Václav Žák