ČAG. Elite private high school in České Budějovice. Educating for life since 1992.

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We are a small private high school in South Bohemia. We take pride in a dynamic and safe academic environment that prepares our students (aged between 11-19 or 15-19) for an ever evolving world. They learn to master English and use it as a gateway to higher learning and collaboration. We teach in small, friendly groups and learn to recognize our talents and problem solve. Ample room for specialization is provided in the latter stages of the curriculum, facilitating a good start in any field of study at colleges and universities at home and abroad. Within the past three decades, our alumni became esteemed professionals, such as medical doctors, scientists, tutors, lawyers, economists, engineers, politicians, and business people who live happy, fulfilling lives.

Our method

Natural Sciences

We perceive the natural sciences as a real part of everyday life. We examine processes taking place in our environment and bodies. All STEM subjects foster the students’ curiosity and desire for answers.


Apart from the traditional required courses in the social sciences, we open a number of elective courses for students that respond to the individual needs of our students; it also enables us to develop specific interests and ambitions.


Students receive an excellent education in English and one other foreign language. Being able to communicate in several languages opens doors for us to draw on significantly greater sources of knowledge than in our native tongue only.

Physics & Mathematics

The Anglo-Czech High School provides all students with a thorough mathematics and physics education. The goal is to promote good life habits, consistency, and analytical thinking.

Information Technology

Our relationship with computers is getting progressively more intimate. We believe an educated person is distinguished by their ability to search, filter and evaluate the overwhelming quantity of information around us.

Health & Fitness

Despite being academically focused, physical development and health of our students is of much importance to us. Students engage in a variety of activities and sports and partake in multiple


Česko-anglické gymnázium s.r.o.
Třebízského 1010/9
370 06 České Budějovice 5
Czech Republic


63908352 (IČO)
0450 19517 (IZO)
600 008 096 (REDIZO)

Bank info

Československá obchodní banka, a.s. (ČSOB)
primary account: 106237073/0300

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