To Thrive In The Information Age

Our relationship with computers is getting progressively closer. Thanks to information technology, education is no longer limited by access to information. The value of an educated person is now in their ability to search, filter and evaluate the quality of messages sourced from the overwhelming store of knowledge and news articles. Expertise cannot be achieved by memorising and understanding a list of books. Rather, we become experts when we navigate the ever-changing world with confidence. The IT curriculum of our school serves to equip our students for such expertise.

Information technology and communication are essential components of all classes. Several multipurpose computer rooms, a computer lab, and a fleet of tablets are frequently utilized by all students. We encourage students to use their own devices in classes (BYOD, Bring Your Own Device) according to their teachers’ instructions. We aid them in using these devices efficiently for greater work productivity and sustained health.

Efficient use of computers is essential to any successful modern-day human. This requires familiarity and confidence with machines, which can only stem from hands-on personal experiences, such as:

  • There is a solution and I can find it unaided
  • Computers save my time and make me more productive
  • There is no friction other than user error, computers follow my instructions and I can troubleshoot them

Imbued with these experiences our students easily become competent in a plethora of fields. They understand the connection between hardware and software and elements of computer architecture. They master office and productivity software and use it to organize and empower their lives. They present their work confidently and elegantly. They protect their privacy, recognize threats, and secure their devices on computer networks and social media. They analyse problems, deconstruct them into principal components, devise solutions, test, verify and codify them accordingly. Finally, they never stop learning and always look for new inspiration.

Formal education in information technology is broken into several courses, some of which are required for all students throughout their studies at our school.


We are trendsetters in the information technology and education space.

Eduroam Network

We participate in the global Eduroam network which serves free internet connection to all students, teachers and academics worldwide.

Office 365

Our files and apps live in the cloud. Your school credentials unlock your own cyberspace anywhere you go.

All students and their families can use Office 365 software on up to 5 devices.

iPad Tablets

We are happy to use smart devices in all courses and lend out iPads to whoever does not want to/cannot use their personal device.

Extracurricular classes

Our teachers regularly teach classes focused on developing skills out of the scope of classical high schools. Mixed-aged teams of an enthusiast focus on various technical skills, filmmaking, and 3D printing being all-time favorites.


Basics of coding and algorithmization are required for all students and are taught for the entirety of their studies at Anglo-Czech High School. Most of the curriculum is playful and involves fun electronics, games, and challenges for all levels of skill.

Popular frameworks:

  • Java – Maven, Greenfoot/BlueJ
  • C# – VisualStudio
  • C# – Unity3D
  • Python – Microbit
3D Printing

Designing, slicing and printing objects from various plastics requires multiple different skills. Despite that it is an exciting endevour attracting many students to engineering and other technical dispiclines.


Groups of like-minded tinkerers utilize LEGO Technic and microcomputers to bring various creations to life. The best ones even compete at nationwide robotics competitions and place in respectable positions.


  • Mgr. Kristýna Komůrková
  • Mgr. Eva Draslarová
  • RNDr. Pavel Soukup PhD
  • Mgr. David Hartman (system administrator)